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CALL: 044-2743 1544 | 2743 2240
Helping you prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes & Kidney Diseases

Health Checkups

Preventive Health Checkups

1. Preventable, silent killers such as cardiovascular issues, cancer and stroke are now the top causes of fatality among Indians. The huge cost differential, to individuals and to organisations, between treating vs pre-empting such conditions, justifies a proactive approach to undertake periodic, tailor-made health evaluations and arrest the development of dormant indications in their infancy.

2. Our all-under-one-roof facilities in diagnostic and laboratory services enable us to streamline your tests and procedures to be comprehensive and complete in the minimal amount of time. Sree Renga Hospital has a suite of health checkup packages customized to the needs of individuals, based on their profiles.

  Well Women Diabetic Renal Cardiac Executive Master
 Blood group & Rh typing         
 Blood sugar (F)          
 Blood sugar (PP)        
 Bone mineral density test          
 Breast examination          
 Cardiologist opinion          
 Diet counseling          
 Differential count        
 Eye test          
 Gynecologist opinion ( for female only)      
 Lipid profile            
 Micral test        
 Motion analysis        
 Pap smear          
 Physician/Diabetologist opinion  
 Serum bilirubin (T)        
 Surgeon opinion        
 Total count        
 Urine routine      
 Vascular Doppler          
Consultation with the doctor:
Physician (◘) Cardiologist (♥)
Diabetologist (♣)
Gynaecologist (♦) Surgeon (♠)
◘ ♣ ♀ ♦  ♠ ♀ ♦  ♠

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